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TorGuard’s software and staff are relentlessly committed to security and our customers’ rights to protect their online privacy. This dedication shows in all aspects of our services and it is remains our goal to provide a superior VPN privacy experience for all clients. Here are some real comments and feedback from satisfied TorGuard customers:

  I think TorGuard is the BEST VPN service out there, both on technical and customer service merits. I’ve been a customer for over two years, and I’ve always received prompt, highly competent, friendly, and efficient service...

- NorthernDragon (BestVPN Review)

  I am not much of a “techy” type myself but after James walked me through all the steps I now understand how they work and can now watch my favorite shows with ease! I have never had this level of customer service with other VPNs.

- Elizabeth (BestVPN Review)

  I bought a router from torguards store and was about to return it as i spent 2 hrs and couldn’t get it going, contacted live support and they forwarded me onto Andy at the support desk, got a reply 2 MINUTES later he logged on configured my router setup my policy based routing for my apple tv and my nas with openvpn, he done this under under 5 mins, and there was me about to give up and cancel.

- Lee B.(BestVPN Review)

  I had NO EXPERIENCE setting a service like this before. I of course ran into a few problems when setting my VPN and such (even though there are really good FAQs for it all), that their support team helped with pretty much right away through their Live Help chat, and then later for a separate problem (setting up a Dedicated IP) that required a service ticket as they have to create that.

- Paul B.(Best VPN Review)

  First, I must say I’m an old man and have some troubles getting things like this running. I got as far as the license file on the install but then got stuck. After speaking with James on chat who was very nice and helpful I was finally able to get this working. Since then I have had a few other questions that were answered by live help very quickly. Great customer service so far…

- Nick S.(Best VPN Review)

  I have just made the switch from HMA to TorGuard. All i can say is TorGuard offers a way more solid service. I mainly use it to unlock streaming media, but, also for security of course. I connected to their VPN as soon as i bought it, that was 3 days ago and the first connection i made is still up and going. Streaming HD from US servers using a US VPN when located in the Netherlands is no problem...

- Anonymous(Best VPN Review)

  I have been using Torguard for 9 months and I must say they are an extremely good quality VPN provider. My speeds are almost the same as when not connected to a vpn, and the connection has never dropped, and all of the IP tests I have run have verified that my IP address is truly hidden. The price is practically free, especially if you can find a promo code.

- Mark(Best VPN Review)

  I just bought their services and im very plesantly suprised, customer suppor is excelent i talked to a guy called Mino and he was more than helpfull! Answered all my question with no BS! Services are excelent i tested a lot of connections, links were reliable and speed was great very close to my ISP top speed. As far as features are concerned i found all i needed.

- Mihajlo(Best VPN Review)

All TorGuard comments are provided as reviewed by Best VPN

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