TorGuard Business VPN Service

Access corporate data securely — wherever you are.

  • Business VPN

  • Starter

  • x5 User Package
  • x5 Email Accounts
  • x1 Dedicated IP
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • $ 32 /Monthly
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  • Business VPN

  • Small

  • x10 User Package
  • x10 Email Accounts
  • x3 Dedicated IP's
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • $ 69 /Monthly
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    Business Email Included on Request!
  • Business VPN

  • Medium

  • x15 User Package
  • x15 Email Accounts
  • x5 Dedicated IP's
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • $ 110 /Monthly
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    Business Email Included on Request!
  • Business VPN

  • Large

  • x20 User Package
  • x20 Email Accounts
  • x10 Dedicated IP's
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • $ 169 /Monthly
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All VPN pricing options include:

  • Unlimited Speeds + Bandwidth
  • 3000+ Servers in 50+ Countries
  • Custom Server Setups Available*
  • Dedicated Lines Available*
  • Encrypted Email Accounts
  • Dedicated User Management Portal
  • 24/7 Dedicated Account Manager
*Dedicated Lines and Custom server setups are available on Small, Medium and Large plans.
  • Highly Secure Encryption Standards
  • Supports all TorGuard Tunnel-Types
  • Supports all OS and Devices
  • Dedicated VPN IP Addresses
  • Stealth VPN and Proxy Services
  • Blocks all Known Leaks

TorGuard Business VPN Service

Protect corporate data from leaks
In the modern era, it’s becoming common for large companies to leak customer data and go down in flames. In order to protect your company’s data and reputation, you need a VPN that ensures all traffic is encrypted and secured so data can’t be leaked or stolen.

Ensure security on the go
TorGuard’s suite of PC, Mac, and mobile VPN apps ensure your employees have access to state of the art encryption wherever they go, whether traveling on business--or at the home office. By using a VPN--emails, logins, instant messages, and company data stay secure no matter the location.

Industry leading encryption
With TorGuard VPN, you can rely on military grade 256-AES encryption. We use only the strongest security protocols like OpenVPN and SSL/SSH tunnels that ensure no data leaves your company.

Stealth VPN unblocks all apps
If your business needs to use the best online apps for business--like VOIP, Dropbox, Google Apps and other online services--you can use Stealth VPN to unblock restrictions and gain permanent access no matter your location. Stealth VPN masquerades as regular internet traffic, which allows your VPN use to be hidden and undetected even by deep packet inspection and other firewalls that can block VPN use.

Dedicated support staff
Every TorGuard business VPN account comes with an account manager that answers any questions and assists with troubleshooting. TorGuard’s easy to use interface and account panel ensures securing your data is easy for every employee.

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The TorGuard VPN Advantage


TorGuard VPN is designed to be the most powerful multi-platform VPN on the planet:

Our numerous security settings are perfect to protect company data on any device or operating system. TorGuard offers kill switches, numerous network protection settings, advanced script settings, dedicated IP integration, and more. Openconnect and a wide variety of Stealth VPN servers, allow any traveling business executive or employee in the world instant access to our state of the art uncrackable VPN service on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS and more.

Manage Your Business VPN users with Account Admin Features:

TorGuard business VPN accounts come with professional account admin features so you can add new users or remove old ones as needed. The account admin can assign specific dedicated VPN IP’s to any user for secure white listing on restricted resources. Update user information or change user passwords easily all from the account admin area. We provide secure 2 factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the management panel.

TorGuard works worldwide with 3000+ servers in 50+ countries:

You’ll have access to our encryption wherever you go. Choose from any server in the world, and connect with our unique Stealth VPN and Stealth proxy features that allow VPN use even in heavily censored countries that use deep packet inspection. We’ve designed our VPN software to be packed full of security features that prevent any form of data leakage. By using VPN tunnel encryption every employee will have secure access to the cloud, and all data will be encrypted and unreadable from outside sources.

White Label TorGuard VPN Apps with Your Own Company Logo:

TorGuard’s easy While label solution enables any business to upload their own company logo in the management panel. Implementing one’s own company logo in app gives a professional look, which is great for employees who will come to see TorGuard VPN as their company’s safe VPN security option. Our White Label solution is both easy and affordable. For just $19/m any Business VPN manager can upload a logo in the management panel for instant White Label deployment.

TorGuard. Privacy When You Need it Most.

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