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All VPN pricing options include:

  • 10mb Free Offshore Email Storage
  • Secure G/PGP Email Encryption
  • End to end Security & Protection
  • Zero Advertisements or Marketing
  • Perfect Forward Secrecy
  • Works on any OS or Device
  • 24 / 7 Dedicated Setup Help

TorGuard encrypted email service

Secure OpenPGP encryption
If you have emails with sensitive data, you need a hundred percent certainty that they are secure. With TorGuard encrypted email, you can make sure your data stays private with unbreakable security that works with any OpenPGP-compatible email user worldwide.

MITM atttack protection
TorGuard’s encrypted email offers protection against attacks such as Man in the Middle Attacks and other exploits. When emails are encrypted and not readable or available to be intercepted, data and contents cannot be altered maliciously.

Secure email with features
Just because we have uncrackable security, doesn’t mean that we’re light on features. TorGuard encrypted email offers enough features to satisfy any email power user like: easy key storage, calendar, tasks, notes, bulk import, advanced search, and more.

Take back true inbox privacy
With some of the leading platforms for email, it’s become commonplace for users to give up privacy for convenience and features. TorGuard’s encrypted email keeps features and important settings but retains your privacy as a user. By encrypting your email and using TorGuard, you can prevent marketing and advertisements from using, selling, and storing your data.

Access email globally
TorGuard’s email servers are available for use around the world. You can access your private email and secure PGP key ring to keep your emails secure.

Best in-class support
TorGuard’s dedicated 24/7 support staff is always available to answer questions and troubleshoot questions. We train our VPN pros to be knowledgeable, friendly, and knowledgeable to answer any question with patience no matter how simple or difficult.

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The TorGuard secure email advantage


True email privacy for any OS:
For those who want to improve their security with end-to-end protection of their emails, we now offer encrypted webmail security in addition to anonymous torrent proxy and VPN services. In the normal course of sending an email, there are a number of opportunities for unwanted and unauthorized parties to observe its contents and capture sensitive personal information. When added to a personal VPN, email encryption addresses these holes and completes the protective layer around a person’s data and Internet use.
Guard your email from prying eyes with end-to-end encryption:
Secure G/PGP encrypted webmail protects your data no matter how you access email, hiding the contents of messages before they leave your computer. This protection extends to mobile devices, software clients, and browser-based email, providing hack-proof security for easy communication with any OpenPGP-compatible email user. TorGuard provides web-based email anonymity using the uncrackable OpenPGP encryption method. We provide templates for desktop and mobile mailboxes to give you customizability, access to your email from anywhere in the world, encrypting from any browser, and easy installation so anyone can secure their email.
Complete email privacy with pro-features:
TorGuard private email comes with professional grade features at your fingertips. Communicate in complete privacy anywhere in the world with secure OpenPGP email encryption features. All email accounts also come with advanced options for inbox personalization and tools like spam blocking, email filters, folder options and more:
OpenPGP Encryption
Secure File Storage
Email filtering
Address book
Even the world’s best security isn’t useful if you don’t have the speeds to back it up:
TorGuard VPN’s servers and connections are optimized to provide blazing fast results. You can browse the internet, send emails, download files, and stream content with minimal speed loss despite maximum security. VPN has never felt so productive.

TorGuard. Privacy When You Need it Most.

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