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How to Unblock Netflix at School

26/11/12 1:10 PM

How to Unblock Netflix at School

You are in school or college, right?
And your school has blocked Facebook, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter, and all your favorite sites, right?
Maybe you want to take a break and watch your latest TV show on Netflix, but that unfortunately isn’t available as in “You Can’t Access it from school”.

Schools are notorious for blocking access to all different kind of sites.
Keep in mind that you are in school to learn, and not to waste your time, but if it is your brake and you want to unwind with your favorite Netflix show, and then please by all means, read on.

You school has its IT department configured school’s firewall in such a way that it is restricting you access to all of the social and entertainment sites.
But bear in mind, that if you use VPN (Virtual Private Network), that all your data from your computer towards our VPN server and back, is AES 256-bit encrypted, and school’s firewall can’t restrict access to something that it doesn’t see in the first place (your request for opening Netflix’s site for example).
By using our anonymous VPN service, school’s firewall can’t selectively filter out sites which are available to you and other which are not, due to the fact that the traffic between you and our server is encrypted, and it can’t be read and if you can’t read it, you can’t filter it.
All they can do is to disable the whole Internet access. That’s only way for them to restrict your access to Netflix, so as you can see, they can’t restrict you now, in any way.

Watch Netflix in School – Bypass Your Schools Firewall with VPN

Setting up VPN on your computer is easy.
No matter if you use PC or Mac, we support both. If you don’t want, you don’t need to install anything.
Your built in OS supports VPN natively.
First, you need to register for TorGuard’s Anonymous VPN account.
You have access instantly. Now you just enter your username and password, wait a few seconds, and bingo, you are connected.
The moment you connect, you receive an IP address from our server, that is now your public IP address, and your real IP address is hidden.
All the traffic between your PC and our server is encrypted, so no restrictions and eavesdropping from government, school, or employer work! They can’t censor anything!
Now you can surf any website you like without having the school’s firewall blocking you. Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, all the good sites are now back at your disposal.
Watch Netflix From Your School
This of course doesn’t work only with sites listed. This method works with any site that the school has blocked.
On top of that, now you can also connect to Wi-Fi networks without worrying if they are secure or not, as hackers when you are connected can’t intercept your login credentials. So, now feel free use your laptop at Starbucks and all other good Wi-Fi locations, without worrying if your will be stolen or not.
Anonymous VPN | NO LOGS! -

If you’ve been looking at Googling at “how to unblock Netflix at school”, now you have your answer!

We don’t keep logs
, on top of everything, so feel free to try our premium service.
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