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Boxee Box - How to setup PPTP VPN with TorGuard

Now you can watch your favorite shows on Netflix or BBC iPlayer with Boxee Box by D-Link, using VPN services from TorGuard. It is really easy to setup PPTP on Boxee Box, just follow these instructions step-by-step.


  1. Select “Settings” (1) from your Boxee Box menu.

    Boxee Box PPTP Setup: Step 1

  2. In the next screen select “Network” (2).

    Boxee Box PPTP Setup: Step 2

  3. Go to “VPN” settings (3).

    Boxee Box PPTP Setup: Step 3

  4. Select “PPTP” Connection Type (4).
  5. Look under My Servers in your client area and use a hostname/IP in the “Server” field (5).
  6. In the next 2 fields (“Account” (6) and “Password” (7)) enter your VPN service username and password that you chosen on signup.
  7. Check the “Encryption required” checkbox (8).
  8. Click on “Connect…” (9) to connect.

That’s all, you are connected to our proxy and can watch your favorite shows.

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