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How to Setup an IPSec Only VPN on Android 10

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to set up an IPSec VPN connection using the native Android client.

STEP1 ) Navigate to the "Settings"  icon:


STEP 2) Select "Network & Internet" in the Settings menu:

STEP 3) Tap "Advanced - VPN, Private DNS" then tap on "VPN".


STEP 4) Tap the "+" sign in the top right corner: (for some Android versions, you'll need to tap on "Add VPN network")


STEP 5) Now you need to enter the VPN server details and credentials.

Name: It can be named anything you like, e.g. "TG"

Type: Choose IPSec Xauth PSK

Server Address: Enter any of the hostnames from our network page here or you can use an IP directly.

IPSec pre-shared key: torguard

You may need to scroll down to see the username and password fields:

Username: Your VPN Username

Password: Your VPN password.

After that, click "Save". 



STEP 6) You can see the new connection you created. Tap on it to connect!


STEP 7) Check "Save account informationand tap "Connect":


STEP 8) You can see the status "Connecting..." Please wait... This should take a couple of seconds...


Check and confirm your connection:

STEP 9) Once you're connected, you can browse to and confirm you are IP has now changed.

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