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How to Setup OpenVPN on MAC with TunnelBlick

Step 1: Download Tunnelblick from the tunnelblick downloads page and proceed to step 2

Step 2: Double click the Tunnelblick icon to start the installation.


It will then ask you about configurations - click "I have configuration files"

Step 3: Importing Configs

a) Click on the tunnelblick icon in the menu bar and click VPN Details, you should now see the tunnelblick window

b) Download our standard configs for OpenVPN 2.4 located here - this will give you a zip file containing the files necessary to create an OpenVPN connection - please extract these files from the ZIP file and browse to the folder OpenVPN-TCP or OpenVPN-UDP and delete the ca.crt file

c) Click Edit --> Select All to highlight all configs, now move them to the configurations window in tunnelblick as per below screenshot:

d) For this prompt click apply to all and chose the appropriate option, if you want to install those configs for your account only or for all accounts on this computer.

e) They should now import and display as below

Step 4: Click the tunneblick icon in the menu bar to display and connect to your connections.

a) Simply click a location to connect, it will prompt you for your TorGuard VPN username and password - if you are not sure of those you can check your username and change the password here

b) Click OK to connect - you should see the notification to state that TorGuard is now connected:

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