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How to Setup OpenVPN on MAC with TunnelBlick

Step 1: Download Tunnelblick

  • Download the original Tunnelblick from and proceed to step 2..

Step 2: Install Tunnelblick


Like most other Mac OS/X applications, Tunnelblick is installed by opening the DMG file and dragging the Tunnelblick icon into the Applications folder.

Step 3: Copying files

Download our OpenVPN zip file config's..

This will give you a zip file containing the files necessary to create an OpenVPN connection.

Please extract these files from the ZIP file and copy them to the folder called:

  • ~/Library/openvpn for Tunneblick 3.0b22 and below, or,
  • ~/Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Configurations for Tunnelblick 3.0b24 and up.

(Please note, we mean your personal Library folder, not the one in the root of your hard disk.)

If the folder does not exist you can either:

  • Create it manually
  • Run Tunneblick once and select "Yes" to have the folder and sample openvpn.conf created. (You can then either remove or ignore the sample file created.)

Step 4: Starting Tunnelblick


Start Tunnelblick by clicking the Tunnelblick icon in your Applications folder.


Once Tunnelblick is started a dark tunnel icon will appear on the right side of your menu bar.


Step 5: Connecting to TorGuard with TunnelBlick

Now click on the dark tunnel and select Connect username to start the connection. (Where username is your TorGuard username/password you choosen at signup, not your billing account login) When the connection is successful you will see an open tunnel instead of a dark tunnel.

Note: In some cases there may be an additional Connect openvpn option. This is a sample option installed by Tunneblick. It wil not connect you to an actual VPN. You can safely ignore it.


Step 6: Disconnecting from TorGuard

Same as in step 5 but select Disconnect.

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