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How to install TorGuard Lite OpenVPN Client

Setting up TorGuard's lite OpenVPN software on Windows is very easy. We will walk you through the download and install process step by step. (All clients also have the choice of using Viscosity VPN software to connect)

Step 1:

Download the "TorGuard lite" Software from our downloads page. Click Run when prompted.


If you don't have java installed, the installer will now download and set this up for you. This just takes a moment.


Step 2:

Click Next on the Liscence page and select the directory you want to Install TorGuard to. Click Next...


Create Startup folder and click Next:


Step 3:

Locate the TorGuard icon on your desktop or start menu and double click.


Step 4:

Enter your VPN username and password you setup during checkout. This info can also be changed from the members area under "My Services".


To connect to the VPN, click the connect button...


You are now connected to the VPN!

Step 5:

To disconnect, just click the "abort" button. You can also disconnect by right clicking the green cloud icon in your tray:



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