How to Set Ad-Block DNS in the TorGuard Desktop Client

This guide will show you how to set our internal Ad Block DNS on the TorGuard Desktop Client - our Ad Block DNS blocks pretty much all Ads, known malware, tracking and phishing sites and for which are updated daily.

 On the TorGuard Desktop Client main screen click the settings cog on the top right-hand corner.

STEP 2) Click the Network tab.

STEP 3) Now check the radio button next to "Use Ad Blocking DNS when Connected"

STEP 4) Click "Save" - now once back to the connect screen simply connect and enjoy an Ad-free web experience.

If for any reason you still see Ad's please be sure to clear your DNS cache and reconnect.

If you still have trouble with our Ad-Block DNS please don't hesitate to contact us on our support desk

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