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How to get Connection logs in the TorGuard Desktop Client

During troubleshooting with our Customer Support team, they may ask you to upload the connection log files of the desktop TorGuard desktop application to help diagnose the issue. Below you can find the relevant tutorials on how to find and upload the connection logs for the applications.

STEP 1) Open our application, then click on the More Settings link

STEP 2) Now click the Debug tab

STEP 3) Now where it says Debug (Requires Restart) select "File" in the drop-down menu then click save and restart the Torguard Client.

STEP 4) Navigate back to More Settings.. --> Debug tab and click on "Show debug"

STEP 5) Now you will see the logs within the debug window - just click "Copy to Clipboard"

STEP 6) Now pass these logs over to the support agent via our main support desk or via our support email.

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