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How to Setup Cisco AnyConnect on Mac OS

Cisco AnyConnect SSL based VPN is one of the best protocols you can use within China or any highly restricted environment, below we have a simple guide on how to connect to our AnyConnect servers on your system.

1) Download and install the Cisco AnyConnect app from the following url:

Double Click to start the installer and go through the process until the app is fully installed.

2) Open the app from the applications folder, you will then see the below screen, click the little settings icon the arrow points to:

3) Uncheck the option "Block connections to untrusted servers"

4) Now visit the following AnyConnect servers page here and choose the hostname you would like to connect to:

5) Choose a hostname and enter this into the AnyConnect client as below and click connect:

6) You will be presented with the following screen - choose to "Connect Anyway"

7) You will be asked to enter your TG VPN Username and your TG VPN Password:

8) Once again you will be presented with the below screen, click "Connect Anyway"

9) The VPN should now connect and display as below to indicate you are connected:

You should now be good to go, you are now successfully connected to our AnyConnect SSL VPN Network.

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