How to setup a SOCKS Proxy in Deluge on All OS

Please first make sure you are using the very latest Deluge client downloaded from here

1) Open up Deluge and click the little preferences icon in the toolbar:

2) Click "Proxy" in the side menu and you will see the following settings:

3) In each menu select "Socksv5 W/ Auth" and enter your details as in the image below:

Username: Your TG Proxy Username - (Can be managed here)
Password: Your TG Proxy Password - (Can be managed here)
Host: or (All SOCKS servers can be found here)
Port: Can be any of the following: 1080/1085/1090

Then click Apply.

4) We recommend that you disable certain features to stay anonymous when using a SOCKS proxy, click the network tab on the side menu, under "Network Extra's" disable UPNP/NAT-PMP, to disable them you just need to click them once, then click apply and then OK.

Your Deluge should now be setup and ready to download.

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