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How to add your IP to the TorGuard Client

Dedicated IP's and Port Forwards are normally automatically pulled into the TorGuard Client but occasionally you may need to add the P's yourself if using multiple IP's in the same pool for example, please see below: 

Step 1) -Load up TG Client and click "More Settings..."

STEP 2) Select the tab "Servers"

STEP 3) Now select your country, add a name for this IP and then add your Dedicated IP into the Address field - for protocol or port you can either keep as is as any/any which means after its added you can switch between all ports and protocols if need be, if you select a specific port or protocol it will be locked to these settings, after your finished click Ok and then save.

STEP 4) Click Select Server...

STEP 5) Just click your config (at the very top) and connect as usual - you may need to click the sort menu and sort by "Custom", you will then see your Custom config at the very top of your profiles.

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