How to Setup App Kill with the TorGuard Client

The TorGuard Desktop client lets you kill apps in the event the VPN disconnects for whatever reason, used in combination with our killswitch it gives you an extra layer of protection.

On the main TorGuard Client screen click the settings cog on the top right-hand corner.

App Kill1

STEP 2) Under the “App Kill” Tab check "Terminate these applications when VPN disconnects" then either click the “Select” button, select the process you want to kill and click OK or type the exact name of the process/executable you want to kill. Make sure the app is running for it to show up in the process list, for example below:

App Kill 2

Click "Save" to apply your settings:

App Kill 3

That's it - the TorGuard client will now attempt to kill your app if the connection disconnects for any reason.

We recommend you enable the killswitch option under the network tab in conjunction with this option.

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