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How to setup Cisco IPSec VPN on iOS 8 and below

This tutorial will show how to setup an ipsec VPN tunnel on any iOS device like the iPhone and iPad.

Step 1.) Access the settings menu:

Step 2.) Tap VPN and select “Add VPN Configuration…” on the right hand panel:

Step 3.) Enter the following info to setup the iOS IPsec VPN service:

  • Tap IPSec
  • Description – Enter “TorGuard IPsec”
  • Server – Enter a server hostname or IP from My Servers.
  • Account – Enter your TorGuard VPN Username
  • Password – Enter your TorGuard VPN Password
  • Secret – Enter “torguard”
  • Tap Save

Step 4.) Next, Tap the newly created VPN profile “TorGuard IPSec” in the right panel. Then tap the ON/OFF switch to turn the VPN on. Shortly after you should see a connected message under status.



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