How to setup Smart DNS on a ipod, iphone or ipad with TorGuard

Follow these setup instructions only once. After these steps are taken your device will automatically route through the Smart DNS server every time.

Access the TorGuard members area and click My Services on the navigation panel. Select your SmartDNS service and click the product details icon on the right.

Paste the current IP addres you wish to use SmartDNS on and click "Allow IP". You can find your current IP address by accessing

Works on Any Device

Copy (Ctrl+C) the Primary Nameserver IP for use in the following steps.

1.) This how to will show how to setup TorGuard's Smart DNS on the iphone, ipod or ipad. First, access the settings menu and make sure you are connected to the wifi network.

Tap the little blue arrow shown below to access the wifi networks settings page.

Works on Any Device

2.) Next, under the DHCP tab scroll to the DNS entry and enter the IP address of TorGuard's Stealth DNS server as seen below. Make sure to enter the IP twice while including comma's inbetween.

Works on Any Device

Once you haveadded the settings, you can now access the internet using TorGuard's Smart DNS service!

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