How to Setup an SSH Tunnel with Bitvise on Windows

This tutorial will show in a few easy steps how one can setup a secure ssh tunnel using Bitvise and TorGuard ssh tunnel service. To enable ssh tunnel service just enable it via your control panel located here

1.) Now, download and install Bitvise from this link:

2.) Next, open bitvise and enter the following info under the “login” tab:

Host: Select the SSH Tunnel IP from your Activation Email (The location you choosen at checkout).
Port: 22
Username: TorGuard VPN/Proxy Username
Password: TorGuard VPN/Proxy Password

ssh tunnel

3.) Then click the "services" tab and enter the following info:

Socks/HTTP Proxy Forwarding: Check this box as "enabled"
Listen Interface:
Listen Port : 443
Server Bind Interface:
Server Public IP :

ssh tunnel

4.) Finally, open firefox web browser. Select options from the top menu, click "advanced" and under the "Network" tab click the settings button as seen below:

ssh tunnel

Then on the connection settings window select the following:

Select "Manual Proxy config..": Check this radio button
Socks Host:
Port : 443

Click OK. You have now setup firefox to run through a secure SSH tunnel:

ssh tunnel

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