How to setup SSTP VPN on Windows 10

  • Log in using your TorGuard login credentials
  • Use the drop-down arrow on the Servers tab to select SSTP Network. The servers available will appear.
  •  Click on the Network icon located on your tray. then click on the “Network & Internet settings” link.
  • Under Network & Internet select the VPN tab
  • Click on “Add a VPN connection”
  • For VPN provider use the drop-down to select “Windows (built-in). In the Connection name text box enter a name ex. (Hong Kong, USA, etc.) For Server name or address copy and paste a Hostname from step 3. Use the drop-down arrow under VPN type to select “Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)”. Select Username and password for Type of sign-in info. Enter your TorGuard Username and Password and check Remember my sign-in info to avoid logging in while connecting in the future. Save when finished.
  • Adjust the Properties on your newly added VPN connection by opening the Status tab >> Change adapter options, then right-click the VPN connection and select Properties.
  • On the Properties pop-up select Security, use the drop-down arrow to select “Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP)” under Type of VPN. Then “Allow these protocols” and check the “Microsoft CHAP Version 2 (MS-CHAP v2)”. Select the OK button when finished.
  • To connect you can select connect under the VPN tab or by selecting the network icon located on your tray. If “Remember my sign-in info” was not selected in step 7 you will be prompted to re-enter your TorGuard login credentials.
  • Verify you are connected by visiting To add additional servers, repeat the steps.   
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