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Alan P

Kill Switch and Save Torrent Progress (Qbittorrent)

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Is there a way to have the kill switch in Torguard shut down Qbittorrent so that QB can actually save the progress of torrents before closing? The way the kill switch works now seems like TG is just killing the QB process and torrent progress is not saved.

This is an issue for me because I have multiple disconnections from the Torguard servers on a daily basis, then when QB restarts it starts all active torrents at "0%". Quite frustrating.

Thank you for any and all advice!

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There's no need to use the killswitch with Qbittorrent. You can bind to the VPN's network interface from within Qbittorrent.  If the VPN goes down then all transfers  will stop, and then restart (at least most of the time) when the VPN reconnects.

Look for the tap adapter interface from network & sharing centre. Select this interface at the top of the advanced section and restart.





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