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  1. Yes the new release fixed the problem it now shows status working.
  2. I hope to get an answer soon. I opened a ticket and never really got any resolution on this problem.
  3. It works for me but very slowly most likely because it shows my connection state as offline in qBittorrent v4.0.4. Is this suppose to show offline? At this rate the service is becoming useless for me as I purchased it only for the Socks5 torrent support as I do not need to run the client. If it's going to just about half most of my torrents I might as well drop this service. Torguard either needs to test there service with qBittorrent 4.0.4 or put up new instructions on how to use with the latest qBittorrent as currently it's useless and doing me no good.
  4. molitar

    OpenVpn slow seed

    only 1/3rd your lucky I went from 80/80MB to 1.5/1.5MB. Yeah definitely not worth it is right. BTW I am in SE USA and using TX server so there should be no reason it should be that slow.
  5. Wow.. this speed is ridiculously slow even for VPN. I have an 80/80 MB connection but only getting 1.5/1.5 MB when Torguard client enabled.
  6. Ok Torguard client says connected but my IP address is still my real IP address. It is not working at all!