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  1. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.7

    Is 1.4.4 really that much more stable? When I posted about network drops about it I never got an answer.
  2. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    I do not use any security software that come with browser plugins. I have AVG but do not use their plugin. List of plugins: AddtoAnywhere Flash Blocker Strict Ghostery Reddit Enhancement Suite uBlock origin VPNetworksLLC Proxy
  3. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    I'm disconnected from the proxy and Firefox can't detect any IP address at all. It only happens with the Firefox extension, and if I don't use the VPN then I don't lose connectivity at all.
  4. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    My system was automatically updated to version 1.4.4 and on two separate computers I'm constantly being interrupted when the extension loses the connection. Is anyone else experiencing this and are there any options for support?