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  1. Hi John1 No I don’t have one I stop using torguard, as I did have some problem with the android app on my TV, the TV did not turn off, so I did have to take the power plug out to turn it off. It is only fun for so long. I did a trail on 3 days with Nordvpn no problem with the app but in the middle of a tv show it just stopped and then Netflix was telling me I was using unblock. I did sign up with expressvpn for 30 days the only problem there was speed, torguard did fix the android app, and it works and also I will only have a one on the east coast
  2. John1 did you order a residential IP or are you just looking on the frontpage, I think DC no#2 will be up and running next week, you need to order it on your dashbord, and after that you get a email Thanks for your Residential IP order - these IP's are not activated automatically, we require you to open a ticket entitled "Residential IP Request" here https://torguard.net/submitticket.php and our staff will review and assign your IP.. Best of luck
  3. MLB.TV with Anonymous VPN

    Now I don’t using mlb.tv, I think you will find most VPN are have problems, with white listing IP for tv channels, if I was you I would try to add a streaming IP or better a residential IP you can try it for 30 days to see if helps you. you will find the in addons. Best of luck
  4. Android TV, is not shutting down

    Android TV 7 there is also a ticket on it
  5. HI When I use your android app on my Philips Android TV, is not shutting down it is stock in the Philips ambilight. I know you can say It is a problem with the TV, but here is the problem I have delete your VPN and reinstall my old VPN, then there is no problem. Well there is something have to try another IP to get on Netflix, but compeer to taging out the power cable on the TV I know what I like to do. Dan_C
  6. NikkN if you did buy a residential ip and you did it now there is a wait time on the residential ip for up to 4 weeks, if you like me got a streaming ip I got a replay back from support after 1h, but it does say it can take up to 48h after you have sent in your ticket
  7. ok did find the place to add the mediabox Thanks
  8. Did you ever add it to any release, as it is not working on my android-tv, if you did is there some documented about it Thanks