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  1. You need to open a ticket and they will set you up.
  2. john1

    amazon kodi

    Google "kodi no limits build"
  3. Hi Sam, I found the same thing when I tried it yesterday. I switched back to Dallas where I get at least 2 to 3 times the speed. Not only that the ip they gave me shows up as Russian in some directories and some of my streaming was blocked because of it. When I logged in to paypal to pay their fee for switching back I was given a Russian paypal page. It sounded like a great idea but was a big disappointment. If you notice it doesn't say 10 gig anymore just very fast. John
  4. john1

    DD-WRT OpenVPN client setup with Dedicated IP

    I don't what happened to the support staff on here. Maybe it would be better to open a ticket.
  5. john1

    DD-WRT OpenVPN client setup with Dedicated IP

    I'm set up the same as you except: Port is set for 443 Tunnel Protocol is set for UDP (faster speed) Additional Config : persist-key persist-tun tls-client remote-cert-tls server sndbuf 524288 rcvbuf 524288 nice -20 auth-nocache fast-io It looks like you will also need " auth-user-pass /tmp/password.txt " for your older build.
  6. Were you able to get Torguard running on openvpn on the stock firmware? If so what kind of speed are you getting? Thanks John
  7. Great speeds you getting. Your making me think of changing routers.
  8. I'm sorry I misread your question. I live near New York city. Approx 1600 miles.
  9. Hi Sam, I have 200 download/35 upload service from my cable company and am not seeing any appreciable decrease in speed when using the vpn through Torguard's Windows app. I ran this test with a computer connected directly to my cable modem. Normaly I run my whole house on a Netgear R8500 flashed with DD-WRT running openvpn. This gives me approx 40-50 meg download. This is more than enough speed for me. John
  10. My residential ip is located in Texas.
  11. I just switched to residential from streaming and it seems to be better in every way. I don't think anyone can detect it as a vpn. This is not true with the streaming ip wich caused problems with my bank and some online vendors. The only drawback with the residential ip is it allows only one connection at a time.
  12. Still waiting. Any progress?
  13. What kind of speed are you getting?
  14. Dan_c. Did you get a residential IP? How is it working out for you? I keep checking with support and am always told they are not ready. I have just asked again and am waiting for an response.