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  1. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    Okay thanks for clarifying that, I was getting worriedūü§≠. So my original request still stands, I'm still seeing Google and YouTube ads and ugly ads' placeholders because no cosmetic filtering. Please look into it at your convenience. Regards
  2. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    Hi @Support, I don't think that's the case because when I choose the VPN DNS and Google DNS the results are different. I've recorded two videos of TG running both on my Windows 10 laptop and Android device. Please have a look. Also, I don't know how to set a particular DNS to override something else and I don't see any such setting in TG client. My Android device, Lenovo K8 Note, is fully stock, no root and have a locked bootloader.
  3. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    I don't have any router/modem. I simply do usb tethering with my Android device to browse in my Windows 10 laptop. Only thing I've set myself is the system dns via the TG client to use Adguard dns(I've included a picture), but that shouldn't matter when using TG VPN right? Also, I haven't done anything in Android. In settings, I've choosen adblocking dns whose IPs are shown in nameserver setting as, Are these the correct IPs? But they don't show up when I connect to VPN and check online.
  4. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    Hi @Support, I've uploaded a video recording the desktop client, please have a look here. I'm using the adblocking DNS nameserver option in both the desktop and android clients. And in both cases(desktop and android) my DNS address points to (,
  5. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    So, Youtube ads are not showing up for now. If it does I'll post an update. But I'm still seeing Google sponsored ads in search pages. Both these tests are on my Android device. One thing I noticed on my Windows 10 laptop while browsing on Chrome+Ublock Origin that might help you guys is that if I disable cosmetic filtering in Ublock Origin then Google ads get displayed in search pages. Update: Haven't encountered any ad in YouTube on Android yet, but checked the desktop client of TorGuard with Chrome's incognito mode(with all my extensions disabled) and encountered ads in YouTube. The desktop client is using ad-blocking DNS too(,
  6. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    Hi TG, If possible please add cosmetic filtering to strengthen adblocking. Also TorGuard Android client's adblocking works relatively fine except that it doesn't block Google ads in search pages and YouTube ads. Regards,
  7. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    A UI refresh is certainly not a bad idea. But personally I'm content with how TG is right now look wise, it's certainly not ugly and works pretty darn well. I just hope TG doesn't take the UI refresh demand too seriously and prioritise that over features that actually affect TG's functionality (battery saver, always-on VPN etc.).
  8. Stealth proxy vs Stunnel

    Thank you for your guidance @Support, the problem is solved now. Adding stunnel to "Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed apps" was not fruitful but your suggestion gave me an idea. I created an outbound rule in firewall allowing private connections only for stunnel and Voilà, it's working! Thank you again.
  9. Stealth proxy vs Stunnel

    Hi, Pardon my ignorance but what is TM? And I think I kinda figured it out but I don't have a proper solution. See, I followed this guide here a few months ago and as directed in step 5 I blocked all outbound connections in my Private profile. Now, When I allow all outbound connections in my Private profile, the stunnel works. So is there something that I should allow in Private profile here in "Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Defender Firewall\Allowed apps"?
  10. Stealth proxy vs Stunnel

    Yes, I did restart the TG Client after removing that folder. After your reply, 1. I hit restore defaults on the general tab, restarted the Client and retested. The problem persists. 2. I again deleted "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VPNetworkLLC", then I hit restore defaults on the general tab, restarted the Client and retested. The problem still persists.
  11. Stealth proxy vs Stunnel

    Hi @Support, I did as you asked, deleted "C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VPNetworkLLC" on my Windows 10 laptop, restarted the Client. But the problem persists. I tried a few different servers but the result is same. I have uploaded a video here recording the issue. Kindly have a look.
  12. Stealth proxy vs Stunnel

    Hi @Support, is the stunnel feature currently broken? I'm on Windows with TG v0.3.83 and when I choose stunnel the TG client keeps saying "reconnecting" and never actually connects.
  13. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    Thank you for finally adding ad-blocking guys! It's working pretty fine. Thank you for your hard work. The "disconnect when screen off" option is probably not working as intended(battery saver?); as it certainly disconnects me when screen turns off but doesn't reconnect back when the screen is turned on. But I reported this to support too so fingers crossed for a battery saver option! Also another feature request: please add the "always-on VPN" feature. Thanks TG!