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  1. Warning: DNS Leaks

    I tested them and they are not leaking. What are you on about?
  2. If by "Old" you mean the "Standard" option then yes, I tested that and reconnection works successfully.
  3. I have been testing the new Seamless reconnect feature of TorGuard Windows client v0.3.78 and I am having a weird issue. I usually connect to the internet in my Windows 10 laptop via USB tethering my cellular network. Most of the times the network is stable. In the previous version, TorGuard v0.3.77, sometimes I randomly got disconnected and reconnected(most probably due to poor network reception?). The reconnect was automatic, I didn't have to do anything. But With the new Seamless reconnect feature in v0.3.78 the reconnect doesn't happen when the network comes back and a popup appears saying reconnect failed. I tested the theory by switching mobile data on/off. On the Standard Seamless reconnect, the network will automatically reconnect. But with the New Seamless reconnect, I get the popup as seen in the attached image when I switch back the network ON.
  4. Yes, the selected interfaces are enabled while the pop up is still there.
  5. Yes. I deselected USB interface and only chose Wi-Fi but the error persists.
  6. So, in the TorGuard Windows client v0.3.78 I use the internet kill switch in the Network tab. I mainly connect via USB tethering and Wi-Fi so I have selected that two interfaces. And I have set "Enable disabled interfaces before connecting" to "yes" in the General tab. But everytime I try to connect a dialog box popup saying "One or more interfaces can not be activated properly. Please activate them manually before continuing." Up to this point the TorGuard tray icon remains red. When I click "OK" in the aforementioned dialog box the internet connects automatically without me having to do anything. Is this a bug? I have added an Imgur album here due to TorGuard's file size limit.
  7. Android network change

    I can't find the "option to connect on application start" in the latest TG Android app.
  8. Indian Servers

    But Mumbai is available in the OpenVPN config generator here and it is listed here too. I've been using it interchangeably with Chennai in OpenVPN Connect app. Is this secure? What's happening?
  9. TG Android Client v1.1.33

    Please add a battery saver option where Torguard automatically pauses when the device sleeps or screen go blank. My battery is draining like crazy. Also please add adblocking. I previously used Adguard but now that I'm using Torguard I feel browsing has become slow with ads everywhere.