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  1. Stolen Computer/Cell Phone - Cannot Log In

    If you want faster response you should open a ticket.
  2. So many questions!!!!!!!!!

    You can request a port forward here >> My Services >> View Details >> Management Actions >> Port Management You can set your torrent client to use only the TorGuard adapter so that when VPN is disconnected it doesn't leak. In addition to that, you can setup kill switch in windows firewall so that any outgoing connection outside of VPN will fail. See this comment.
  3. TLS 1.3 in Firefox

    With this new TLS update, does using TLS 1.2 possess any security risk? Will TorGuard adopt it anytime soon or is it relatively safe to use the 1.2 version?
  4. If you want quick resolution to your problem you should open a support ticket here.
  5. Wireguard support?

    That's great news! Been hearing a lot about WireGuard's blazing fast speed. Please add an Indian server too for us Asian users.
  6. You can follow this linked guide to create a killswitch with windows firewall. This will ensure that without TorGuard protection any outgoing connection will fail.
  7. TG Android Client v1.1.36

    It takes time for an app update to get published in the play store for various reasons. You can install without worrying, the apk that you can download from this website will be the same that you will find in play store.
  8. GCM

    Install the latest version, v1.1.36 from TorGuard website. GCM is available.
  9. TG Android Client v1.1.36

    You misunderstood. Always on VPN "feature is, essentially, a kill-switch. While enabled, it will ensure that all Internet traffic on your Android device will go through the VPN tunnel, not directly over the non-secure ISP connection if the VPN connection is down for any reason." With the recently introduced disconnect on screen off and reconnect on screen on feature for battery saving, there are times when the internet is not protected with TorGuard when the screen is off. I tested this by sending myself a WhatsApp message. I received the message even with screen off and TG disconnected, and ideally with Always on VPN the internet connection should be suspended until I turn my screen back on and TG reconnects. So this Always on VPN feature will act as kill switch and block any traffic without TorGuard's protection. I am by no means an expert on this, just what I've gathered from reading on this subject.
  10. TG Android Client v1.1.36

    With this update it is taking about 15-20 35-45 seconds to connect to any server. Previously it was less than 5 seconds. New "reconnect on screen on" feature is working as expected but is suffering the same 15-20 seconds delay in connecting.☹️ Update: For anyone facing this same issue, try uninstalling the app, rebooting and reinstalling as per TG support's instruction. Did the trick for me. Feature request: Please add always on VPN soon, this app is almost close to perfection now feature-wise. Keep up the hard work guys!😊
  11. That seems to have done the trick! Thank you for your awesome support as always. 👍
  12. Weirdly enough, no. I tried the versions available here and the problem persists. But I do remember the problem disappearing after the version released immediately succeeding v0.3.78. Maybe the client is not detecting the interfaces' status correctly?
  13. Plex not working through vpn

    You can request a port forward here >> My Services >> View Details >> Management Actions >> Port Management
  14. Hi @Support, I'm encountering this problem again in the latest version. Please see this.