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  1. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    FYI: I noticed that Private Internet Access now has an iOS client in which OpenVPN can be selected as the VPN protocol instead of IPSEC/IKE. This seems to be in-built functionality and not a certificate generator which then needs to be opened by the separate OpenVPN Connect app, as some other VPN providers offer. It seems thus as if Apple is finally allowing providers to offer OpenVPN configurations directly! In case you did not know already, this might be nice information to pass on to your developers.
  2. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    Thank you for the update. I use the app on both networks, but probably I connect more to Wifi networks than my 3G/4G network. At least for my home network and my mobile network I know the problem is not in blocking connections / ports (on both router and ISP level), which is a very uncommon practice in my country.
  3. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    Are you still interested in this issue?
  4. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    The connection through the iOS app (or direct IPSEC / IKEv2 connections by configuring them in settings) have never been reliable, at least in my case. I cannot compare to versions prior to iOS 11 unfortunately, I think I started using the app around the release of iOS 11.1
  5. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    Roughly speaking, after approximately 30 minutes the connection is not succesfully restored anymore, despite the active VPN indicator.
  6. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    Unfortunately, establishing a connection via IPSec with Direct IP does not fix the reconnection problem. Upon reconnecting after being stand-by for some time, there is internet activity until reconnecting manually (disconnect -> connect).
  7. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    I’ve tried the Direct IP profile with IKEv2, but unfortunately it did not work. I don’t fully understand the problem myself. IKEv2 did work with my previous VPN, which tells relevant ports are not blocked on my end. IKEv2 does not work on various networks, which tells the problem is network-unrelated. Making a connection without the app by configuring a new IKEv2 connection through iOS settings also does not work, which tells the app is not to blame. All tested on iPhone and iPad, which tells problem is not device-specific. So far all this seems to suggest that the problem might be iOS related, routing related, configuration related or server related. I’ll try to test IPSec with a Direct IP profile to check on the reconnection problems, but in sum, the whole iOS situation is unfortunately far from ideal now.
  8. iOS app connect/reconnect problems

    Thank you for the quick reply. I am on iOS 11.2.5 and the problems persist irrespective of enabling or disabling on-demand connectivity. As I said, IKEv2 almost never works, most strikingly not on my home network. I know very sure my router does not block required ports (or any ports for that matter), nor does my ISP as the IKEv2 protocol has never resulted in connectivity problems with my previous VPN-provider.
  9. I’ve got several problems with the iOS app. When choosing IKEv2 for connecting to Torguard servers, more than often the connection is never established (the app seems to make unsuccesful connection attempts indefinately based on the spinning network indicator in iOS’s status bar). This is unrelated to the network I am on (various Wifi networks or LTE). To establish an IPsec connection is not so problematic (it exhibits the above behavior only occasionally), but after iOS has been stand-by for some amount of time, the VPN seems to be active upon wake judging by the indicator in the status bar, but all internet connectivity is lost.