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  1. Need help with my VPN setup

    Hello Sam Crow, I use an ASUS RT-AC88U myself. it has only 1.4GHz but comes with ASUS-WRT, a build in openVPN client. Afaik the 86U has the same feature (build in client). Did you that client and speeds before flashing with merlin? Is the speed increase due to the merlin software or rather because the 86U has a good CPU?
  2. Need help with my VPN setup

    Both. Some shady ISP's dont want you to have high traffic, even if you got a flat. With a VPN you wont hide how much traffic you have. Theoretically ISP's can see what you are doing when you dont use a VPN.
  3. Need help with my VPN setup

    Mhhh, I really dont think ISP nowadays have a problem with folks that generate a lot of traffic. We live in 2018! If I was you, I would try it out. If your ISP writes to you and complains about your high traffic, you can still switch to a vpn.
  4. Need help with my VPN setup

    hehe, yes ideally you would want that. sadly you cant have both. its like the choice between absolute security and ease of use/freedom. you can always try to configure your router with the TG tool section to use AES GCM ciphers. If you get enough speed, stay this way. For me, its either security or speed (I stream from USA to central Europe). Usually TV's and consoles dont need much security. Usually your PC/laptop and your smartphone needs most security. PC/laptop isnt a problem since you can use the TG client there and it will do a pretty good job. Smartphones are a problem because their CPU is powerful enough to use a vpn, but it uses a lot of battery. So usually i dont do sensitive stuff on my smartphone. What is your goal? maybe I can give you a better hint what to do if you tell me what you want to achive?
  5. Need help with my VPN setup

    the best way to put devices that dont naturally host a vpn client (such as tv, playstation etc.) is to put them behind a vpn router. you got that right. This rule stands without regard what you do on the internet (including things as torrenting, using kodi etc etc.) So my advice to you is: Use the TG client on your PC/Laptop itself (as they have a way better CPU and get better speeds this way). Put everything else (smartphone, your tv, consoles and everything else that uses the net) behind a vpn router. If security/anonymity is your issue, use modern encryption on your router. If speed is your issue (like unblocking geo restrictions for accessing netflix, use a dedicated streaming ip and configure your router with L2TP (this will keep your data unencrypted but will change your IP i.e. geo location.
  6. Need help with my VPN setup

    It is ok if you PM me if you have sensitive questions. For everything else, I suggest we stay public so other folks that have the same issue can benefit as well. :-)
  7. Need help with my VPN setup

    Good day to sir ;.) you should buy a router with dd-wrt preinstalled. If you plan on using this router to run torguard to put every device behind it in a VPN you should make sure to get a router with a strong CPU (as this is the limiting factor here). at this time I would recommend you a netgear nighthawk or an ASUS RT-AC88U . just check that the CPU is above 1.4 GHz (1.8 GHz is the best at this point) and that it has wrt installed. If you want to stream internet content to you, bandwidth will be your primary goal. If you want to max out your speed, use L2TP on your router. This will make your data is not encrypted, but you can use another IP and have a good speed. (important if you want to stream a long distance like across Atlantic). For sensitive data use TG client on your PC / Laptop. Any more questions? Feel free to ask. Regards balexter
  8. [feature request]

    Hi folks at TG, thus far I am pretty impressed and content with your service. And I tried a lot of VPN out there! Streaming is a big concern to me (and I suspect to a lot of others users as well). I live in central Europe and the majority of my stream are from the USA. Soon I will finally get a fiber line and want to continue with your service. At the moment (with VDSL) I only get around 5 to 10 Mbits bandwidth across the ocean. to slow for high res video content. I love your offer of streaming ip's / residents ip but I really want to use it when connecting to your 10gbit premium network. Would you please consider incorporating this? Or is this technically not doable? regards balexter
  9. Feature Request

    Hello folks, I want you to consider to add a feature to TG client. What I have in mind is an altered systray icon when there is an update available. I (and I suspect many more) run TG client always minimized to tray so I am always late when it comes to a new version. Would be nice to notified when I can update to a new version! Regards
  10. Reduced Speed

    Hi, read my answer to another question here: maybe it helps you too. have more questions? Ask away...
  11. 10Gbit UK servers?

    Hello mrneilypops. I just saw your question and can answer that as I am a TG user myself and have done a lot of research with this topic! when you use a vpn-client on a router you (at this point of time) you never get full speed of your provider. the cpu used in the router is the limiting thing here! You have to understand, that the whole encryption, normally done by your PC cpu is done by the router cpu in this case. So using a router router the nighthawk, with a strong cpu is a good idea. The 60Mbit you get is as good as it gets! VPN encryption on a router is a single thread!!!!!! So you wont get benefits from having a router cpu with more that 1 core. I too wanted to put all my devices behind a vpn router and discovered the same problem as you. As I am streaming from the US to central europe, all I get is around 15Mbit :-( but as this is still enough to stream in HD I am content. So people like us will have to wait till DD-WRT router cpu's become a lot more powerfull! I think when they are around 2.6/2.8GHz, nearing the 3GHz you will get full speed from your fiber line. right now 1.8GHz is the most powerful as far as I know. in fact you are lucky to get more than 50Mbit on your nighthawk! When security is not your concern, you can try to max out the speed by lowering your encryption (the lower the less work for the routers cpu) or using blowfish instead of aes. Most router cpu's can handle blowfish a bit faster. dont expect wonders! If you (like me) you are using a dedicated ip to stream content otherwise not available, you might even consider trying to put encryption to zero, effectively just changing your ip so you can access content. Sooo, to answer your question: subscribing to the 10GBit network wont give a better speed with your router!!! If you are using TG on a desktop/laptop too (with a more powerful cpu) it might max out your fiber speed! Hope this helps you... regards balexter