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  1. Yann

    Wireguard support?

    Thank you Marco, I don't need wireguard for a professional use. I juste need another protocol to bypass the DPI censorship of the country I live. I want to use a VPN client on my router and all openvpn/pptp/... connections are blocked. The solution I found is to setup my raspberry as a router running an openconnect client (not blocked). I tested wireguard with AzireVPN & Mullvad VPN and they are working well but I can't use a dedicated/streaming IP with them. For all these reasons, I hope that Torguard will implement wireguard very soon. Regards. Yann.
  2. Yann

    Wireguard support?

    Hello, Do you have any news regarding the implementation of wireguard? Regards.
  3. Hello adagari, Thank you for your answer, I'll wait for a fix. FYI, it’s OK with my raspberry but not with my router using the shell with something like this: sudo openconnect -u username –authgroup=DEFAULT -b --no-dtls --pfs fr.torguardvpnaccess.com:22 Yann.
  4. Thank you for your answer. I have already saw this post but it's written: (current available openconnect does not work, you need to compile your own) I'm not sure to be able to do it by myself without help. How do I have todo this? I though the luci gui could help me. Yann.
  5. Hello, I would like to use Openconnect protocol with my Torguard account. My router is a GL.INET GL-MT300A I have already installed the packages to use luci gui but I don’t know how to setup the connection. Could you please help me ? Thank you. Yann.