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  1. Hello, i've been looking for the optimal protocol for streaming/low latency/downloading and while i use the stealth 4443 mainly it gets detected by some services like Prime Video and i have to switch it. I live in Egypt and my ISP uses DPI so standard VPN protocols with low encryption are not an option, i am trying cisco anyconnect netherlands server right now and it's giving me low ping but only 5 out of my original 22mb connection. Any help getting the best speed/latency combo without being detected is much appreciated :).
  2. Hello, Thanks for the reply. Which port/cipher is the best for stunnel? OpenConnect works and while it gives overall fast download speed the ping is usually very high.
  3. Hello, I've been using Torguard for 3 months now and i absolutely love it, best vpn service i have used by far. With every update new ports/options become available and i want to ensure i am using what's best for my needs. I mainly use VPN for gaming, browsing, and streaming since my ISP now use DPI not every port works for me, for the past month i've been using stealth vpn (netherlands server as i am in Egypt) which works fine but recently it started giving me trouble(Random disconnects) so i started wondering what Protocol/Port would be the best for every category: - Ping - Speed UDP Stealth with GSM at best gives me around 12-14mb of my original 16mb speed and decent pings to europe server but it's not stable at all as every other hour it just disconnects and goes to waiting then takes time to reconnect unless i try manually 3-4 times. Help would be appreciated, Regards, Ashraf
  4. For the past few days i've had difficulties connecting to Torguard servers, it takes me way longer than usual to connect (around 10-15 seconds to connect and it doesn't work right away) and after connecting the first time the service doesn't work, it says connected for about 30-40 seconds then it goes back to WAIT then reconnect and it usually works properly on the 2nd/3rd attempt. After it finally connects it works fine for the most part but i get some lag spikes and random drop outs after a period of time(some times it drops after 30 mins, sometimes 2-3 hours). Yesterday i had my VPN connection drop around 3-4 times in the space of 2-3 hours. Client Ver: v0.3.74 OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit Protocol: OpenVPN or OpenVPN 2.4 UDP Cipher: AES-128-GSM or CBC Stealth (Because my ISP uses DPI) HMAC: SHA256 I mainly got Torguard because it provided me with a stable connection to be able to enjoy my online games but over the past few days it's been very difficult to play due to the instability of the service. It's also worth mentioning that this issue doesn't occur on my android phone through wifi on the same connection. Kindly Assist.