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  1. Need help with my VPN setup

    Since both routers (88U & 86U) have same versions of Merlin, the difference is from the CPU ability.
  2. It is VERY simple to use a router with built in vpn Client, no need to buy this goofy little router, especially with a measly a 400MHz CPU...it anit gonna do much and struggle to keep up! FYI, any and ALL NordVPN US vpn servers access Netflix USA!
  3. Need help with my VPN setup

    You should consider the Asus RT-AC86U and flash with Merlin firmware. The router has hardware acceleration and an 1800MHz processor. The built in vpn client makes it real simple to add TG or other OpenVPN service, especially with Merlin FW which has numerous very useful tweaks over Asus stock FW. I used Asus 68U and 88U prior and the 86U increases vpn speeds more than 50%. It's an awesome router for handling vpn. Has LAN-IPTV built in as well.
  4. hello, Yes, I am on Merlin 384.3, there is a more recent Merlin FW but somewhat unstable at this time. You will be pleasantly surprised with the performance of the AC86U for openVPN. It is one of their better routers (and very cost competitive) at managing openVPN due to HW acceleration which accounts for its bump in performance. You may have to enable this option though with a command to the NVRAM. Good luck, have fun.
  5. yeah, no worries. I am contemplating testing a residential IP. My ISP pkg is 150/30 fiber and I currently use a TG streaming IP located in CA (San Diego) achieving speeds >100Mbps on an Asus AC86U (various Ports with ciper GCM128) from my location in SE Asia. Not so bad. I will try out the residential IP and see how it fares from Asia. Thanks for your input.
  6. John I was actually asking what the distance from your location to the VPN server location in Dallas?
  7. I see, what is your proximity to the Texas VPN server?
  8. Can you share what speeds you are achieving with the residential IP? Thank you for all your input.
  9. Hello, thanks for the info, very helpful. Can you tell me the location of your residential IP? Regards, Curtis
  10. okay, thanks for that. Then please tell me this: what is a "dedicated IP" designed to do, or achieve, what is the net benefit of a dedicated IP address?? I am very interested in obtaining such an IP in Seattle and/or LA. Please clarify the functions of these US based dedicated IP address's. Thank you.
  11. i am in need of a streaming IP in LA or Seattle, I am told these locations are not available, but the website addon shows a "dedicated" IP in LA....what is this and does it work for streaming US geo-blocked services?
  12. I am told residential IP locations are limited to Dallas only?
  13. Hello, Despite numerous enquiries with TG support, web searches, etc., I am still confused about the details of and differences between Streaming IP and Residential IP add-ons. Can someone in the know provide a concise breakdown of what is the intended purpose of both and what they can actually do for me as well as the costing. I am recieving very conflicting inormation from Torguard on all these details. Thanks in advance, Sam
  14. New router

    Hello, You definately should look at and consider the Asus RT-AC86U, processor is 1.8Mghz and it has hardware acceration which significantly enhances vpn cipher encryption management. I am achieving native ISP speeds using various torguard vpn servers in SE Asia. An incredible router for openVPN equalled by no other SOHO routers and even better with Merlin firmware flashed on it.