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  1. user6011024

    Endless login loop!

    Yes, works fine until I quit Firefox and start it back up again. "AlwaysOn" is not checked; it never was checked because I want to turn it on/off as needed. Regardless, whatever the issue, there is a major GUI bug here. When one hits the "cancel" button, the pane should go away... otherwise, what's the point of a "cancel" button if your only way out is to fill in the form because all other functions/menus/etc are blocked from any user input or access... I can't even open the TG settings! It's like nobody is testing this software for various common usage cases.
  2. user6011024

    Endless login loop!

    I'm trying to use the Firefox extension and I saved my login name & password in its settings. However, every time I quit and restart Firefox, I get a slide-down pane that asks for the login name/password again. If I hit "cancel", it just comes back immediately. It's really annoying because it blocks all interaction with any other part of Firefox including the menu. If I don't feel like looking up my login credentials yet again, I have no choice but to click cancel a thousand times while trying to click on the "Tools > Add-ons" menu so I can disable the damned thing. Sometimes I'll get lucky and it delays by one or two seconds, giving me just enough time to get into the Add-ons screen to click "disable". Why doesn't it simply remember/save my TorGuard login credentials after a quit/restart? At the very least, if I click "cancel" then it should just disconnect itself and GO AWAY -> do not keep asking me for the login!
  3. user6011024

    TorGuard Client v0.3.71

    Now I'm constantly getting the "osascript wants to make changes" message! Every single time I try to run TorGuard. It does not matter if I give it my password, it still asks me next time I start the program. Where are the older versions of your software so I can downgrade to 0.3.70 until you can fix this bug?
  4. Just upgraded from 0.3.70 -> 0.3.71 and now I'm getting the "osascript wants to make changes" message EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to use TorGuard and it does not matter if I give it my password, the message comes up again and again.
  5. user6011024

    Persistent Dock icon is annoying

    No. Never. Once I fully quit the app, it's not in the Dock.
  6. user6011024

    Persistent Dock icon is annoying

    No good! This is getting very frustrating. I've removed everything as per published procedures. I've rebooted after removing everything. I've done several clean installs. Nothing works... the TG icon is still appearing in the Dock despite this new preference being checked. In a few days, I'll have access to another Mac and we'll see how that one goes. Meanwhile, I'm going in circles on the support ticket and every time they want to look at the machine with Team Viewer, I end up waiting forever and it never happens.
  7. Please do not exaggerate. For the record, I never sent any emails, for any issues, at any time. And I only opened a support ticket after waiting NINE days for a response to this thread. As you're fully aware, my ticket was titled: "Support Forums Dead?" I understand things happen and totally appreciate that you want to make sure it's working before being released. I only complained when somebody said it would be released "next week", and it turned out to be two months later. I'm a paying customer after all, so I would just like some reasonable and realistic ETA. If you say "next week" and it's a couple weeks, that still seems reasonable. If you say "next week" and it ends up being two months... that seems unreasonable to the average person. Yes, it was finally released a couple days after my last reply here. Anyway, thank you for your efforts; and I sincerely appreciate the quality of support received in the ticket system.
  8. user6011024

    Persistent Dock icon is annoying

    Yes. Have ticket open and trying to coordinate a time with your agent to look at this. Otherwise, I would be happy to try a clean install myself if you would kindly provide instructions.
  9. user6011024

    Persistent Dock icon is annoying

    Installed the new release today. I was happy to see that the reconnect issues were fixed. However, very disappointed that the Dock icon is still showing the in the Dock despite rebooting and having the option checked... there it sits in the Dock.
  10. And "tomorrow" was more than a week ago. This is getting quite comical.
  11. "Hopefully next week" turned into two months, so maybe now when they say "tomorrow", it will only mean another couple of weeks.
  12. Okay, I understand, but Andy in the support ticket said "hopefully next week" and that was back on June 1st... nearly two months ago! Any status update? Thanks.
  13. YES! Simply changing the "show/hide" text to something more dynamic like "show" and "hide", and automatically bringing the window to the front would be a 1000% improvement. Thank you!
  14. In my ticket, somebody mentioned the new version would be released "next week", which was actually last week. Any idea when this new version is coming? Another GUI pet-peeve for Mac OS... The first menu item says "show/hide" for toggling the TG window. It would be better if it only said "show" when the window is hidden, and only said "hide" when the window is shown. As it works now, the window is buried someplace on the desktop and thanks to the lack of feedback on this menu, I'm not really sure if it's even being shown... I literally have to close all other windows before using the "show/hide" option. Even then, when you're using multiple desktops, it's not that easy to locate. Seriously, did anyone there test the Mac version before releasing it?
  15. user6011024

    Persistent Dock icon is annoying

    Thank you. This would be great!