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    TG Client Interface

    The only thing I would like is for say the ability to change options or configure things even while the vpn is connected. Being able to do so then reload the app would be great. I mean the windows torguard client. Right now you can configure anything on the fly, as once you connect you lose all control
  2. korefuji

    Application only VPN

    You can do this - it's called split tunneling. I got it to work before, after a lot of back and forth with the support team who were really patient with me. You can use windows built vpn with your torguard credentials, I think its l2tp/ipsec. When you've added the vpn and the details, you can then specify the route of the app in command prompt, this will set rules whereby you specify that the vpn only be used for certain sites, and the rest of the traffic be regular. You will need to nslookup the domain, get the ip then look up the CIDR block and use that info to create your route. It's a bit long winded, but I couldnt find an easier way with an application
  3. korefuji

    10Gbit UK servers?

    so I tried such a server, and i'm only getting 100-140mbps. My isp speed is about 350mbps, 100mbps is just too slow. I'm wondering if there' sa way to speed up the thing.