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  1. VPN Network Keeps Dropping

    I’ll give it a shot. Thank you.
  2. VPN Network Keeps Dropping

    No, I haven’t. The software essentially does the exact same thing right?
  3. VPN Network Keeps Dropping

    Anybody have any ideas at all?
  4. Hey everyone, I've got a quick question. I've set up my VPN using the follow method, https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=199 However, I've noticed that if I connect to said VPN in the evening, by the time I look at my computer in the morning, I'm connected to the internet using my standard network. Have I done something wrong? I'd like to keep both connections there so I can freely swap between one another, just not sure why the VPN would disconnect itself from the 'net. Thanks for the help.
  5. Need help with my VPN setup

    So wait, is traffic the only thing that would catch the ISP’s attention and Not what streams I’m actually watching?
  6. Need help with my VPN setup

    Oh okay, maybe I’ll stick with what I have for now then!
  7. Need help with my VPN setup

    I use qtorrent on my PC and I already have that configured with my TG proxy.
  8. Need help with my VPN setup

    I’m simply cutting the cord to watch an IPTV package. That’s all really. Just want to make sure my ISP doesn’t get angry at me that’s all.
  9. Need help with my VPN setup

    Wouldn’t I want both security and speed while hiding?
  10. Need help with my VPN setup

    Fair enough. I’ll post here. I understand some of what you’re saying but I might as well tell you what I’m looking at doing. I assume having a VPN for streaming IPTV is ideal? That’s my only reason for needing it and what I need it on are for my TV’s and my Apple TV. I figured the best way it to just purchase a router that’s able to configure VPN’s for them. If there’s a better/easier way to hide those devices I’m all ears!
  11. Need help with my VPN setup

    Beautiful, thanks! If it’s okay, may I PM you? Cheers.
  12. Hey all. I'm sorry if this has been asked a number of times, but I need some help/suggestions with my setup that I'm looking to have. I'm looking into a VPN router for my IPTV viewing at home. I know 'stuff' but I'm not very skilled in all this networking. I currently use an Amped Wireless AC1750 but there doesn't seem to be any setting to configure my VPN. I would think I need to purchase one with the VPN software already installed. Is there one that some of you may suggest for myself? Or any alternatives? Thanks! [edit] I've read so much on these things that I think I've made myself more lost than from where I started.