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  1. I have tried reading the posts, but all I see are terms with which I am not familiar. This seems very complicated to me. I just need to simply know what settings to use with TorGuard to download torrents and surf the web anonymously. I really don't know what other uses I would have for TorGuard other than those two. I followed the tutorial regarding setting up for Bittorrent use, but I experienced problems and submitted a ticket for help. The first thing they told me was to abandon those settings the tutorial had outlined. I could get no clear answer as to specifically what settings to use to accomplish my goals, or to accomplish them with additional features of which I am unaware. So, I'm very confused by all these terms and applications and I'm asking this question for anyone willing to help me set this up in a useful way. I will be grateful for any assistance and/or advice. Thank you for your consideration.