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  1. Support

    premium network server missing

    We do apologise the time to add these,, rest assured we haven't forgotten, the time for service delivery within cogent is minimum 6 to 8 weeks right now while it passes through there internal processing and through different departments. Regards
  2. Support

    Setup Guide

    We are implementing a new support page shortly, its currently being set up Regards
  3. Support

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Checking with our devs this out, it should be already. Will check this too Marco - thanks again
  4. Hi Myles Your torrent client should start downloading without port forwarding, port forwarding will help with speed but won't prevent you from downloading, some trackers do block some IP ranges owned by popular DC's, or some private sites require you to register an IP address you will use to download, have you tried different VPN locations or different OpenVPN connection ports? or maybe try another torrent site to see if its specific to these torrents? In regards to chromecast, the chromecast and the device your looking to cast to both need to be within the same network for this to work, if you connect to the vpn it will be in a different network to the device you want to cast to, the way around that is to connect the vpn to a vpn capable router. Regards
  5. Support

    TorGuard Client v3.90.0

    Rest assured it is coming in our next build. Regards
  6. Support

    TG Android Client v1.1.40

    Marco Thanks again or your input, I will pass these over to our devs to have a look. Best Regards
  7. Support

    OpenVPN on RPi not bypassing geoblocks

    Ok, are you using iptables as your firewall?
  8. Support

    OpenVPN on Tomato Not Working

    Hello, I would suggest submitting a ticket https://torguard.net/submitticket.php and requesting a TeamViewer, we can sort that out quickly for you Regards
  9. Support

    OpenVPN on RPi not bypassing geoblocks

    Try the below command: ping6 ipv6.google.com What does this produce? Regards
  10. Support


    Unfortunately not - this kind of sites will block popular shared IP's, your only option is to find one that works, maybe through a residential IP addon. Regards
  11. == Release v1.1.40, 2018-10-20 * Bug fix: Stealth Proxy could not reconnect The Stealth Proxies, a feature introduced in version 1.1.36, where not able to reconnect. * STunnel added The STunnel feature will obfuscate the data with an additional SSL tunnel. In order to activate it, the user should check the "Use STunnel" option and then select the TCP protocol. * Supporting Oreo and Pie Internal changes were done in order to follow the new technical the standard required by Android 8.0 and Android 9.0 * Disabling "Reconnect when the screen is back on" option in Android Oreo and Pie This option works in conjunction with "Disconnect when the screen is off", and automatically reconnect the VPN when the screen is turned on. Unfortunately, the current implementation is not compatible with Android Oreo and Pie Downloads
  12. Release torguard-v3.90.0, 2018-10-30 ==================================== * All platforms: OpenConnect is now able to reconnect if the interface changes Users could have noticed that sometimes OpenConnect was not able to reconnect. In particular, it happened when the network interface changes, for example switching between Ethernet cable and WiFi. The problem is fixed with this patch. * MacOSX: Version info is now visible using Finder Internal Changes: ----------------- * MacOSX: save information in case of MacOSXUtilities errors In case of errors, MacOSXUtilities will write more information in the log file, if the Debugging Log is activated Downloads
  13. Support

    OpenVPN on RPi not bypassing geoblocks

    Hi Simon, Did you make sure to check to see if you're leaking any IPv6 address while connected to the VPN on your Pi? Regards
  14. Hello Stealth requires a custom patched binary and so will not work in just any OpenVPN client or router firmware, the build versions we mention include the patched binary for stealth in DD-WRT. In the config generator, you need to select DD-WRT to enable the stealth option. Regards
  15. Support

    TLS 1.3

    We support it through the website, are you referring to our extensions? Regards