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  1. Fraud Status

    Hello, If your order was in fraud status you would not have been charged - if paying by credit card then orders placed via VPN IP's are likely going to be blocked in fraud checks. Regards
  2. It can be done - what is your main purpose for your IP, is it streaming or general security/whitelisting etc? Regards
  3. Hello, We do have a ticket in for this and our devs are currently exploring on how to do just that - in the meantime though there's an article here that can help you delay or prioritize startup apps in windows: https://www.howtogeek.com/52043/how-to-control-the-order-of-startup-programs-in-windows/ Regards
  4. New account assistance

    Hello, You wouldn't normally be flagged when trying to pay via BTC - are you able to PM me your email on the account? Thanks
  5. Wildcards in Exclusion

    Yeah we are introducing it shortly, hopefully within the next week. Regards
  6. No internet connection when VPN is disconnected

    Hi Anthony please follow my last post to resolve your problem. Regards
  7. No internet connection when VPN is disconnected

    To solve this issue go to System Preferences >> Network >> click your interface on left and click advanced, click DNS >> remove any DNS you see here by clicking the - at the bottom. Everything should now be back to normal.Regards
  8. Hello, The AU servers won't be the best for torrenting, LA or La Asian Optimized will work best for this purpose from your location. Please see here --> https://torguard.net/tgconf.php?action=vpn-servers Regards
  9. Wildcards in Exclusion

    We are looking on ways to do so through FireFox, we have it on our list Regards
  10. TorGuard open vpn fatal error

    Would it be possible for me to login and have a look at this for you via teamviewer? if so please open a ticket on our main support desk and send me the ticket number, it would would be great to see whats going on. Thanks
  11. Using Transmission With TorGuard. Having Issues.

    Hey there - can i ask what location on VPN you connect to please? thanks
  12. TorGuard open vpn fatal error

    Are you using the latest Tg Client as well? does this happen when your computer is waking from sleep or while using the VPN? Regards
  13. Amazon Video with dedicated IP not available

    Hi NikkN Did you open a support ticket by chance? if not please open one here and let me know the ticket number - i will then get you sorted out. Regards
  14. No internet connection when VPN is disconnected

    Hey there, please see here >> https://torguard.net/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=125 Set the DNS to either Google or level3, let me know if that works. Regards