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  1. Hi Do you want to kill Thunderbird as soon as torguard connects? Regards
  2. Wildcards in Exclusion

    This is done and will be pushed soon. Regards
  3. OpenVpn Speed Lagging

    If using a later build of DD-WRT trying adding below config lines to your openvpn client config and see how this works out for you: sndbuf 524288 rcvbuf 524288 Regards
  4. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    Hi Devon Do you mean you are disconnected from the proxy completely? Regards
  5. Error connecting with OpenVPN

    Hello, We know about this and should have a fix very soon. Regards
  6. handshake encryption

    Hey there, 2048 bit RSA is more than adequate today, however, we are going to offer the option to choose between both very soon. Regards
  7. OpenVpn Speed Lagging

    Hey there, Frist thing, are you running a streaming IP i gather? if so which DC did you get one from? Regards
  8. Wildcards in Exclusion

    I will make sure to check this out in the next week, we have had quite a few things to contend with. Regards
  9. Vpn stuck on wait

    Hi - did you try TCP? most of the time UDP ends up in a wait status when it is blocked at the client side. Regards
  10. Can you send a screenshot of the TG Android app connected? do you have any other VPN apps installed? Regards
  11. Problems with Windows Client

    Hello, In regards to the sleep mode issue, we have tested this over and over and have never found much of an issue with it . Of course, connection speed or ap hangs can be caused by many things, usually not related to the torguard software, it might be best you open a ticket and reference this forum post and maybe we can log in via TeamViewer and have a look at both issues with you. Regards
  12. Does Torguard Time-out?

    Hello, Does the app fully close or do you lose connectivity? power settings can power down interfaces when going to sleep. I doubt this would be anything to do with your ISP. Regards
  13. Release torguard-v3.84.1, 2018-05-11 ==================================== * Versioning format change * Bug fixes Downloads + Blog Post
  14. Please update to the latest build https://torguard.net/downloads.php Regards
  15. TG Android Client v1.1.35

    I beg your pardon - our Ad Block DNS use this DNS for forwarding which is why you see those 2 DNS addresses. Regards