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  1. Asuswrt Merlin with two VPN clients

    Hi, it is certainly possible: You can activate more than one VPN profile at the time, however, however, if using high encryption on 2 profiles at the same time might be overload for the router. Therefore I would not recommend using a couple of profiles at the same time. As for routing - to set up policy-based routing on a Merlin router, do the following: 1. Navigate to VPN -> OpenVPN Client. 2. Under Advanced Settings select "Redirect Internet Traffic: Policy Rules". 3. A new option will appear "Block routed clients if tunnel goes down" which has to be enabled. 4. Then under the "Rules for routing client traffic through the tunnel" add the devices which you want to route through the VPN. For example, add a new device and select the following settings: Description: device description Source IP: device local IP address Destination IP: blank Iface: VPN I would recommend using static LAN IPs when setting up policy based routing because LAN IPs might change after reconnecting. Regards
  2. Libgen.io blocked on German servers

    Hi Nomad, i would have to have our guys check this, is this still the case today? Regards
  3. IOS app update timeline

    Hi nse iOS updates will start to come faster over the coming months, we are however restricted by protocol, on iOS we are restricted to what Apple offers in their built-in clients or by creating a custom protocol, with Android we can use OpenVPN and so it can become similar to the torguard desktop software. Regards
  4. IOS App auto termination??

    Hi Kerry, That is very odd indeed, i can't say i have seen this before, what version of iOS are you running? what options are enabled under settings? for the sake of trying to reproduce. If the VPN icon is visible then rest assured you are connected, of course when using on-demand this can come and go depending on your usage, the best way to tell if you have been disconnected and reconnected is that your local IP would change, if this is still the same before and after this happens then you can be sure your VPN did not disconnect and there's something triggering odd behaviour with the timer.. Regards
  5. L2TP router speeds?

    Hi Jimmy, I see you opened a ticket for this did you manage to resolve your problem? Regards
  6. Hi Nemaco, I can tell you there have been no changes at this end and I'm not seeing reports of the same problem - if you see this in multiple countries it may be an issue with your client or config or possibly an intermittent network issue, I have seen a similar issue using the network manager before though so it could very well be that - have you attempted to use the TG software to see if the issue still persists? have you tried the same IP's/locations on a mobile/tablet to see if there's an issue? we just really need to try isolate where the problem lies first. Regards
  7. ECDH/ ECDHE vs DHE for key exchange

    We do plan on offering EDCHE, in fact, we are well underway in offering this option. it wasn't possible up until OpenVPN 2.4. Regards
  8. TorGuard Client v3.86.1

    Hey there, did you manage to sort out your install? Regards
  9. ==================================== Release torguard-v3.86.1, 2018-07-05 ==================================== * Windows 7: bug fix The "Auto start on login" option was broken in the last version. Windows 7 users could experiment a "TorGuard has stopped working" error if they try to use this option. The error did not affect Windows 10. The bug is fixed with this patch. Downloads
  10. TorGuard Client v3.86.0

    The problem was fixed, it was a network issue sorry. this is now fixed posting new release here shortly. Regards
  11. == Release v1.1.36, 2018-07-01 * Reconnect when the screen is back on This option is related to "Disconnect when the screen is off" feature. If OpenVPN was stopped while the screen is off, the user can now choose to reconnect the VPN when the screen is back on. * Add Port/Auth choice The user can now choose the Port and Auth independently from the Cipher. All ports have a list of Cipher that the user can choose, except of port 1194 that is reserved for no encrypted connections. * Add Auto port The user can let TorGuard choose the best port, leaving the default "Auto" option in the Port/Auth choice. The port chosen will be in accordance to the cipher selected. * Add port 53: Tls-Crypt option used The user is now able to use the OpenVPN "tls-crypt" option. In order to do that, the user should choose a server that allows it too. Right now, servers that are using the tls-crypt option are running on the port 53. * Disable cipher negotiation Ensure OpenVPN will use the user selected cipher by disabling cipher auto-negotiation. * Add Proxy option to preferences The user can now select a proxy type to connect to from the preferences before opening a VPN connection. Available are either - no proxy - custom proxy - stealth proxy The stealth proxy option is not available for devices with an armeabi architecture. Downloads
  12. [FEATURE REQUEST] Remember Sort Choice

    Coming in next release yes
  13. Torguard Windows Client Crash Windows 10 [1803]

    Thanks, seems during last upgrade Qt5Core.dll file was not batched correctly or got corrupted, can happen sometimes due to security software or maybe file was still in use by app.
  14. Scripting Documentation

    Hi Ron, I believe you had multiple tickets on open our side and we shared some documentation for sample usage of scripts, sending emails though will require to dig further and do some research for writing windows VBS that send emails, this is not included in our documentation unfortunately.
  15. Torguard Windows Client Crash Windows 10 [1803]

    Hi, Thank you, please do the following: 1) Uninstall all TAP drivers, go to >> Control Panel >> System and Security >> System >> Device Manager. 2) Scroll down to Network Adapters, right click the TAP drivers and uninstall them, deleting the driver too when asked, then uninstall TorGuard app from program and features section 3) (Important step) Delete the following folders >> C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\VPNetworkLLC renaming "user" to your OS account name and C:/program files (x86)/VPNetworkLLC 4) Reboot and then Re-download and install the latest build http://updates.torguard.biz/Software/Windows/torguard-setup-latest.exe and check if issue persist.