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  1. It used to take a day or two, and you needed to modify a config file. It was changed to instant with the dedicated ip added to the client. Just added a new port forward and no confirmation email. Did you receive an email?
  2. Have you added the ip address as a dedicated ip within the Torguard client? More settings > Servers. You will get a new server entry to connect to.
  3. Have you forwarded a port?
  4. There's no need to use the killswitch with Qbittorrent. You can bind to the VPN's network interface from within Qbittorrent. If the VPN goes down then all transfers will stop, and then restart (at least most of the time) when the VPN reconnects. Look for the tap adapter interface from network & sharing centre. Select this interface at the top of the advanced section and restart.
  5. PeterDiva

    qBittorrent wont start with proxy

    Try disabling the uTP protocol under the Speed tab.