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    Developer signature not signed!

    So I have been looking into this for a bit. After the first install, everything is working great all signatures are checked and in the green. Then things start to act up. I don't know if something is being downloaded from servers I am connected to after initial install, but TorGuard app doesn't even have to be running for signatures to change. First OpenVPN then OpenConnect then OpenVPN 2.4 then TorGuard developer certificate signature changes as if some sort of code running on my computer and modifying Torguard App it's definitely some sort of malware. Not a single malware detector picks up anything though? Any idea what I should do? I have the latest version of Torguard installed v(0.3.72)
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    Developer signature not signed!

    Ok now its back to "Resource or signature being modified" & "Signature could not be checked" for TorGuard App why is this happening? Its as if some kind of man in the middle changing things up?
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    Developer signature not signed!

    Reinstalling TorGuard App solved it for me. Don't know why it wasn't working before?
  4. Torguard App is lacking developer signature. Every single app on my mac has a valid signature except TorGuard. OpenVPN or Openconnect connections are not signed with a valid developer certificate. Why is that?
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    TorGuard Client v0.3.70

    Thank you for a new updated client, love all new features my favorite option "Connect" added to the TrayIcon and option to disable the "Minimize to tray" it works great! I have one question; what version of OpenVPN does new release supports? I think latest one out is OpenVPN 2.4.3!