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  2. L2TP router speeds?

    Hello I am new to Torguard. I was looking for a new vpn provider that might have faster speeds. Well the openvpn speeds using your app are nothing short TERRIFIC! Your speeds using L2TP on an Asus rt-ac3110 router are not as good as my current provider. With my current provider I get 153Mbps download speeds. With TorGuard I am getting 97Mbps. A little disappointing given your GREAT openvpn speeds with your app. I live in south florida and tried using your Florida servers, east.usa.torguardvpnaccess.com & fl.east.usa.torguardvpnaccess.com. OpenVPN is much slower then L2TP I find. Would this be typical speeds? I get about 180Mbps DL with no vpn running. Anyway just trying to see if this is the best speed I can get on my router? Thanks Jtimmyf
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  4. NVIDIA Shield App

    You need Es file explorer, navigate to internet browser and search Torguard, and install from that. Is easy ,you can select the aps that use the VPN service, or the aps that dont need VPN, i use it just for Netflix and it works perfect 4k Stream form USA .
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  6. wow, thanks. you guys have been a big help.
  7. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.7

    Is 1.4.4 really that much more stable? When I posted about network drops about it I never got an answer.
  8. Hi, Just wondering about the IOS app update. When will the new version released? I found that the IOS app is lacking compared with the android one. Thanks
  9. NVIDIA Shield App

    I think it's all rolled into 1 apk now. I'm using v1.1.36 (Android App APK Direct Link) from the Downloads page on my ShieldTV and it's working great so far. Can successfully navigate with remote and controller.
  10. Yeah, I'm trying that, but having some problems:
  11. If you want to torrent from home your best choice is one of the normal shared IP that this service offers. If you are looking to setup a remote torrent service, I would suggest looking into getting a seedbox service.
  12. With being told that I can't use a streaming IP for torrents, I'm trying to set things up so that my torrent box connects to torguards Sweden server, whilst the device I use for US streaming connects to the streaming IP. I have configured two VPN Clients in my RT-AC87U, and they are both connected, client 1 to the streaming IP and client 2 to swe.torguardvpnaccess.com. I've used policy rules to route the devices to either the streaming IP (one device), the Sweden server (torrent box), or just general WAN (pretty much everything else). The problem is despite using policy rules, my torrent box is still connecting to the streaming IP. How do I fix this?
  13. TG Android Client v1.1.36

    It takes time for an app update to get published in the play store for various reasons. You can install without worrying, the apk that you can download from this website will be the same that you will find in play store.
  14. So if neither a streaming IP and a residential IP do not support torrents, how can I set things up for my torrent box? One of the points of having an anonymous proxy/vpn is for torrenting. And why do they not support torrents?
  15. Hi! Since a week or so, libgen.io, the famous book-sharing site is not reachable via Torguard Germany (velia.net IP). At the same time there were reports from Vodafone Germany users that this site was censored via a DNS-block. Can you look into this? I am able to access the site via Torguard Swiss servers, though, might be a German issue?
  16. TG Android Client v1.1.36

    Thank you so much for adding GCM ciphers, it has greatly reduced battery usage and improved speeds!
  17. first time poster here, sorry if this is in the wrong place. i recently bought a cheap tablet just for video streaming (dragon touch x10, running lollipop 5.1 Lollipop if I recall correctly) i installed the TorGuard app on it and it will connect sometimes, but then immediately disconnect or just not connect at all. i have an Honor 7x phone sitting right next to the tablet, on the same network and it works like a champ. has anyone else had this problem or know of any solution to get it working on my tablet? i'll be happy to provide more information if needed. thanks. attached are several screenshots that i took if that helps. also...used protonvpn(free version) and ipVanish and the problem was the same. thanks gain for the help.
  18. GCM

    Install the latest version, v1.1.36 from TorGuard website. GCM is available.
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  20. GCM

    Is there a time frame on GCM support in the Android app?
  21. TG Android Client v1.1.36

    This version is not showing up in my play store.
  22. NVIDIA Shield App

    Hello folks - I've got a dedicated IP with you guys - I'd like to install the Android TV version on my ShieldTV - could you please advise where can I get it from? Your downloads page doesn't say any specific "Android TV" version. Thanks
  23. TorGuard Client v3.86.1

    Hey there, did you manage to sort out your install? Regards
  24. Hello, i have followed the guide on how to configure ubuntu linux in command line to connect through openvpn. "on torguard" This is a headless server and i make all changes through ssh. once the tunnel is up "runs with no issues" if i try to reach the machine via local IP... cant connect, also other service that runs a webserver same thing. ideas? any help appreciated
  25. TorGuard Client v3.86.1

    and of course the cleaner of the DL already remove the old install first ! D'oh!
  26. TorGuard Client v3.86.1

    not answer, but i tried to install and i get broken installer (WIN 10 Pro)
  27. Question: Looking at the VPN specifications tab, I notice that no available configuration of the client software uses EDCHE/ EDCH, but instead they all use 4096 bit DHE (Diffie-Hellman key exchange). Is there a specific reason for this? If I understand correctly, the two I suggested are computationally less intense, which may help optimize startup times and operation efficiency. BUT maybe I am wrong! Maybe EDCHE doesn't integrate well. Maybe this stack is the best. Lets talk about it!
  28. As far as I can tell, the IOS application is either unreliable in maintaining a solid connection with a VPN, or there is an intrinsic issue using a VPN tunnel with mobile. The reason I say this is because at random intervals of time, I notice that my VPN tunnel is no longer connected. I'll open the app, and the connection time will show 00:00 even though the VPN status bar on my phones notification tray is still "active". That being said, once I have reopened the TorGuard app, the connection time once again starts counting. This tells me that for a duration of time, my tunnel was not active, and not running in the background even though I started it. This certainly does not inspire peace of mind. Now, my question is this- Is this a result of a bug in the application? Is it a feature meant to save mobile data? Or is it a result of the phone potentially losing connection to its tower or wifi while roaming about and the tunnel closing? I'd love a response from the developers, and possibly a way to counter this in an update. For those of us who have unlimited data and want peace of mind full time, I can say I'd like to have my VPN "always on". Attached is an image of my TorGuard IOS application. This screen capture shows me having just opened TorGuard while it was running in the background. Before opening the app, the VPN icon was still showing up on the top bar, indicating the VPN is active. However, the connection timer is at 00:00. Very respectfully, -Kerry
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