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  2. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    I do not use any security software that come with browser plugins. I have AVG but do not use their plugin. List of plugins: AddtoAnywhere Flash Blocker Strict Ghostery Reddit Enhancement Suite uBlock origin VPNetworksLLC Proxy
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  4. Does Torguard Time-out?

    Yeah sometimes it'll happen when im not using my laptop for a couple of hours i changed my battery settings and it still does it late at night. Does anyone know how to look at it in windows Event logger? If so please provide screen shots.
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  6. Cool. That works perfectly! Thanks!
  7. It prompts me sometimes like every min and when I want to connect to another country it asks for me to login again I saved it on the extension but it still prompts me to login
  8. Selecting Fastest Server

    3 years later
  9. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    Do you use Avast or any security software that come with browser plugins?
  10. Threema Web?

    Hello, is there a way to use threema web when the vpn is active? I think the problem is web rtc, if web rtc are disabled, threema web does not load. Can i set applications on a whitelist or something? Or a other way to use threema web when the vpn is active?
  11. TorGuard Firefox Extension 1.4.3

    I'm disconnected from the proxy and Firefox can't detect any IP address at all. It only happens with the Firefox extension, and if I don't use the VPN then I don't lose connectivity at all.
  12. Sorry for the delay, yes you can do this using a batch script set to run at *before connect* and to run the below command: taskkill /im filename.exe /t Changing filename.exe to the app you want to kill, script would be something like: @echo off taskkill /f /im thunderbird.exe :exit Regards
  13. > Do you want to kill Thunderbird as soon as torguard connects? Not feasible?
  14. OpenVpn Speed Lagging

    Actually I am using ASUS Merlin.
  15. Xfinity hotspots disconnecting

    It's still working for me with TCP 80. At home I'm using UDP without any issue but maybe because I have my own modem and router that it works better than the "public" broadcasting the Xfinity does with their leased modems.
  16. Slow website loading

    I am not facing any issues here.
  17. what about alibabacloud.com ?
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  19. Slow website loading

    No, it says: Your IPv4 address on the public Internet appears to be Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) appears to be QuadraNet, Inc No IPv6 address detected [more info] You appear to be able to browse the IPv4 Internet only. You will not be able to reach IPv6-only sites.
  20. Slow website loading

    No custom DNS --- however I am interested in this Ad Block DNS. Where can I find more info? Also, it looks like the latest update resolved the issue. I'm not going to question it and just accept that everything's working great. Thanks for being so responsive!
  21. It sounds like I have stumped Prod Support. I can't use Torguard until this is resolved. -Thx Xingzoa
  22. Slow website loading

    Zep When you visit this site: test-ipv6.com - does it indicate that you have an IPv6 address? Regards
  23. Those providers i believe have already been tried and tested, they shut you off without warning and so we won't be pursuing China servers at the time being. Regards
  24. Xfinity hotspots disconnecting

    Hi Ramz, did port 80 TCP work for you? do you have access to the modem? Regards
  25. Even tho it is hard to find servers,,, http://www.hktechnology.com/ https://oneprovider.com/ http://www.sinoservers.com/index.php
  26. Xfinity hotspots disconnecting

    Yeah currently have the same problem with xfinity wifi
  27. Does Torguard Time-out?

    The same problem I'm having with disconnection issues certain of hours
  28. Slow website loading

    Ok, I might have found a solution but want to verify if it's safe. I disabled (unchecked) Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) on the network adapter and on the TAP-Windows Adapter V9 adapter in the Properties of each adapter. I then unchecked IPv6 Leaks setting on the torguard app. I have no latency connecting to pages anymore. Question for Admins, does this reduce protection?
  29. Slow website loading

    I just want to add that I'm having the exact same issue as dolfan. Same specs except that it happens on all servers and Cipher AES-128-GCN. Using default DNS specs.
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