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15 July

New UK Online Safety Bill May Have Unintended Consequences

01 July

This Company Has Amassed Powerful New Hacking Tools

29 June

Fake LinkedIn Profiles are Increasingly Linked to Malware

25 June

How Apple is Playing a Key Role in Censoring the Web

24 June

China’s National Security Law is being Used to Censor Art in Hong Kong

22 June

India’s Government is at a Standoff with Censorship and Internet Privacy

21 June

TorGuard Users are Receiving Misleading Spam Related to HaveIBeenPwned Data

21 June

Apple’s New Private Relay Feature is Not a VPN

19 June

Surveillance is the Business Model of the Internet

17 June

Does Your VPN Pass the Blacklight test?

14 June

TorGuard’s New Desktop and Android App is Live