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02 June

Ethiopian Government Uses Exams as Excuse to Censor Internet Country-Wide

31 May

Swiss Willingly Approve Mass Surveillance Laws?

30 May

Egypt Blocks Access to 21 News Websites

30 May

How TorGuard’s VPN Software Protects Against DNS Leaks

26 May

Internet Censorship and Surveillance is Increasing in Venezuela

26 May

What Makes a Good VPN Service?

25 May

Why Cryptocurrency and VPN Synergize Perfectly

24 May

EU Approves Plan to Force Censorship on Social Media

24 May

China’s Upcoming Internet Censorship Move is Unprecedented

23 May

How to Use TorGuard’s VPN Kill Switch Features

22 May

TorGuard Named “King of Ping”, Best VPN of 2017

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