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27 September

Are ISPs involved in FinFisher Surveillance Campaigns?

25 September

Saudi Arabia Unlifts Messaging App Ban with New Intimidation Tactic At Hand

20 September

Wikileaks Reveals “Peter-Service” Company Building Major Russian Surveillance Network

19 September

Snapchat Blocks Al Jazeera to Obey Saudi Arabian Laws

18 September

How to Bypass Cloudflare Captchas When Using a VPN

08 September

Leak Reveals Internet Censorship and Surveillance Proposals for European Union

01 September

Russia Plans to Delete Anonymization Tools From Search Results

31 August

More than 41 Websites in Cuba Blocked with More Soon to Come

30 August

Sweden Introducing Massively Expensive and Invasive Data Storage Laws

29 August

China Outlaws Anonymous Online Posting

25 August

Verizon Drops Smartphone Streaming to 480p