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09 March

In Europe, You need a VPN to See Uncensored Google Search Results

08 March

Ransomware targets Bittorrent transmission users on OSX

04 March

TorGuard is Not Vulnerable to the DROWN Attack

04 March

Tech Reporter’s email hacked on in flight Wifi

26 February

Iran to spend $36 million on a new smart filter firewall

25 February

Indonesia cracksdown on Netflix and Tumblr

23 February

Uganda blocks Facebook and Whatsapp on election day

18 February

Glibc security flaw puts linux machines at risk

17 February

China to Tighten Control Over Internet Censorship

16 February

TorGuard OSX App is Not Vulnerable to Sparkle Hijacking

04 February

New TP-Link VPN Routers now in stock!

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