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How to Setup the New TorGuard VPN client in Windows

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    admin - July 31, 2014

    Hi, what is the difference to TorGuard VPN Pro (Viscosity) and if I already have it (Viscosity) installed should I uninstall and use the Lite version?

      admin - July 31, 2014

      HI Mark, good question. Both TorGuard Pro (Viscosity) and lite version are powered by OpenVPN. They are both very secure and stable VPN clients. The biggest difference is Viscosity has a few more advanced feature than lite version. Also, Viscosity is limited to x1 install, while TorGuard lite can be installed on unlimited machines.

      There is no need to stop using Viscosity - In fact, you can download lite version as a backup option or switch between them when needed. It really comes down to personal preference.

        admin - July 31, 2014

        Thanks i'll keep on using Viscosity then.


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