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26 November

TorGuard 48 hour BlackFriday Sale

29 June

Only One out of Five Top US Banks Support IP Whitelisting

15 June

Why a Business VPN is Needed to Secure Remote Workers’ Access

18 February

What is VPN Obfuscation?

21 January

How to Cash in Unwanted Gift Cards for VPN Service

20 December

How to Spot Fake VPN Reviews

16 December

New Residential IP VPN Servers Online!

15 November

Chinese App Promoting Xi’s Ideology has Backdoor

11 February

U.S. Senators Warn Against Insecure Free VPN Apps

25 September

PCMag Names TorGuard the Fastest VPN in 2018

06 September

TorGuard Now Offers Business VPN White labeling on all plans