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16 February

TorGuard OSX App is Not Vulnerable to Sparkle Hijacking

23 October

Russia attempts to remove itself from the internet

09 October

Using a VPN to Pick The Best Music Streaming Service

29 September

The Great Firewall of… Thailand?

18 September

Win a Netgear Nighthawk DDWRT VPN Router

18 September

New TorGuard VPN Youtube Channel

09 September

Best Android Torrent Clients in 2015

22 May

Top 5 Bittorrent Clients for 2015

09 May

The Top Reasons to Use VPN Service in 2014

28 February

How to setup a Torrent Proxy with FrostWire and TorGuard

11 February

TorGuard: the best VPN when using utorrent and Bittorrent

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