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27 December

Rolling Your Own VPN vs Paid VPN: Which One is Better?

20 December

How to Spot Fake VPN Reviews

19 December

PayPal is Parting Ways with TorGuard, Again.

16 December

New Residential IP VPN Servers Online!

13 December

TorGuard for Android: Latest Updates and Improvements

26 November

TorGuard BlackFriday BOGO: 50% Off Plus a Free 10GB PrivateMail Box

02 November

How TorGuard VPN Protects User Logins

28 October

How to Delete an Instagram Account

28 October

Iraq Introduces Internet Curfew, No Internet from 5 pm to 7am

25 October

Turkey’s New Internet Regulations Will Result in Censorship

24 October

Remote Desktop vs Cloud Computing for Business VPN