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26 June

Will Facebook’s Libra create a New Digital Identity Database?

03 May

China’s Surveillance Capabilities Continue to Grow with Advanced Mobile App

08 March

#DELETECOINBASE Movement Grows After Coinbase buys firm linked to HackingTeam

11 February

U.S. Senators Warn Against Insecure Free VPN Apps

08 December

Australian Government Passes New Encryption Law

06 December

Documents Detail How Facebook Used Onavo VPN to Spy on Users

13 November

Did Twitter Leak a Saudi Arabian Activist’s Real Identity?

06 May

Telecoms Watchdog Roscomnadzor Plans to Block Every VPN

07 March

How GCHQ and British ISPs Share Your Data

13 November

Italy Passes New Six Year Phone & Internet Data Retention Law

27 September

Are ISPs involved in FinFisher Surveillance Campaigns?