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22 November

Edward Snowden Warns Against Data Collection and Surveillance

15 November

Chinese App Promoting Xi’s Ideology has Backdoor

14 November

How to Delete Skype

01 November

Are 4G Mobile Hotspots Safer Than Using Public WiFi?

31 October

Thailand Orders Cafes and Restaurants to Log Customer WiFi Data

31 October

The Privacy Risks Associated with Decentralized VPNs

11 October

Why Barr’s Anti Encryption Stance is Unrealistic

16 July

US Tech Giants Are Helping China Improve Censorship and Surveillance

26 June

Will Facebook’s Libra create a New Digital Identity Database?

03 May

China’s Surveillance Capabilities Continue to Grow with Advanced Mobile App

08 March

#DELETECOINBASE Movement Grows After Coinbase buys firm linked to HackingTeam