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12 June

Russia Attempts to Stop VPN Use With Fines and Search Blockades

04 June

Today Marks the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989

17 May

Iranian Telecom Minister Announces New VPN Blocks

06 May

Telecoms Watchdog Roscomnadzor Plans to Block Every VPN

09 April

Russia Plans to Block 15 Million IPs to kill Zello

07 March

How GCHQ and British ISPs Share Your Data

27 February

Why TorGuard is Removing Mainland China Servers

06 February

Internet Censorship Surges in Russia

02 February

UK Will Start Collecting IDs to Allow Adult Website Access

10 January

China Prepares New VPN Blockade

04 January

Indonesia Spends Millions to Build New Anti-Porn AI

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