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Freedom of Speech

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27 October

China Integrates Voice Tracking and Logging into Massive Surveillance Network

13 October

Waze to be Blocked Permanently in Iran due to Israeli Origin

02 October

Despite Internet Censorship and Police Brutality, Spain’s Referendum Reaches 90% Approval Rate

19 September

Snapchat Blocks Al Jazeera to Obey Saudi Arabian Laws

01 September

Russia Plans to Delete Anonymization Tools From Search Results

21 August

Vietnam Disregards Internet Security in Favor of Censorship and Propaganda

15 July

China Seeks to Delete Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo from the Internet

05 July

CNN Blackmails Reddit User to Apologize for Meme

12 June

China Blocks Celebrity News and WeChat Accounts Worth Millions

05 June

Hidden Chinese Protest Pictures Unveiled after 28 Years

30 May

Egypt Blocks Access to 21 News Websites