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Freedom of Speech

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02 January

Netflix Complies with Saudi Arabia’s Censorship Request

24 October

Another Progressive Journalist Killed alongside Growing Decline of Internet Freedom

17 September

Google’s Project Dragonfly Promotes Chinese Censorship and Surveillance

22 June

Turkey in a State of Censorship Chaos Upon Impending Snap Election

21 June

EU Copyright Law Moves Forward Despite Controversy and Criticism

13 June

New EU Copyright Directive Seeks to Auto Censor Uploaded Content

12 June

Russia Attempts to Stop VPN Use With Fines and Search Blockades

04 June

Today Marks the Anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989

09 April

Russia Plans to Block 15 Million IPs to kill Zello

22 November

Apple Censors Itself by Removing Skype from App Stores in China

21 November

Internet Freedom Continues to Decline in Pakistan