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24 June

China’s National Security Law is being Used to Censor Art in Hong Kong

26 February

Why China’s New Data Privacy Law is Really Bad for Privacy

12 September

How WeChat Censored the COVID19 Pandemic

10 September

Iran Proposes Bill for Tighter Online Censorship with Military Control

13 February

How a Top Military Official Was Put in Charge of Disconnecting the Internet

25 November

Charges Filed Against Twitter Employees for Being Saudi Spies

08 October

Hong Kong Cabinet Member Proposes Internet Ban

08 October

The Battle for Hong Kong Intensifies

24 January

The US Needs to Stop Selling Surveillance Tech to Authoritarian Governments

10 January

Linkedin Censors Activists in China then Tries to Backtrack

09 January

Chinese VPN Users Fined for Unblocking Websites